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Wichita Small Business Brokers In Wichita KS

Wichita small business brokers fulfill an important niche in the business community. When entrepreneurs are looking to buy or sell a small business, it can sometimes be difficult for them to get the attention of large M&A firms, many of which focus on working with large corporations to execute deals.

Designated small business brokers in Wichita KS are a valuable asset for those looking to buy or sell a small business. If you’re looking for trusted advisors to help you through these important phases of your professional life, then connect with Brent Bressler and his team at Bressler Ventures LLC.

Brent has certifications as a Primary Business Consultant (PBC) and a Certified Estate Planning Professional (CEPP), and before going into business for himself, he worked for Fortune 500 companies. He is experienced and proven when it comes to evaluating, buying, enhancing and selling businesses.

With Brent as your choice of Wichita small business brokers, you will have a seasoned veteran in your corner providing you with the insight you need to make informed decisions during the buying and selling processes.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners trust Bressler Ventures LLC

When it comes to buying a business, it’s important to invest in a company that not only falls in line with your professional interests but is also in a position for you to move in as owner and enhance its value right away. Brent will help you throughout each step of the buying process, from determining what type of business you’re interested in and finding companies for sale to handling the Xs and Os of the deal to push it across the finish line.

Also, if you’re looking to work with small business brokers in Wichita KS to sell a business, Brent has you covered, too. He knows that legacy stands for a lot with small business owners. He will help find the right buyer that will maintain your legacy while also walking you through ways to enhance the value of your business before you sell.

Brent is ready to help you achieve more no matter what phase of your career you might be in. If you’re searching for the right Wichita small business brokers, start by connecting with him.