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Buying a Business

I have a proven Business Search Program. This systematic process has me doing the work using my expertise and experience to make your process as efficient as possible.

  1. We discuss the following questions:
    What geography are you interested in?
    How much do you want to earn per year?
    How much cash do you have to invest?
    What business types would you consider?
  2. We identify the NAICS (North American Industry Code) codes for your identified business types.
  3. We search through over 12 million businesses nationwide.
  4. We tell you how many businesses fit your profile.
  5. We can further refine the criteria to narrow in on the ideal business.
  6. We make the initial contact.
  7. We get financial data from prospective sellers.
  8. Once we find an acceptable option, we start negotiations.
man on phone

A preliminary confidential consultation is available at no charge – in person, on the telephone or via Email, whichever one fits your schedule.

Stop wasting your time and energy, adding to your frustration, and getting no where with a typical business broker. Talk with us and you will quickly learn the difference.