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Norman Business Brokerage Services In Norman OK

Bressler Ventures LLC and our Norman business brokerage services are now available for entrepreneurs of all industries. If you are someone that is looking to buy, sell or enhance the value of a business, then connect with us. Brent Bressler is ready to leverage his many years in this industry to show you how to bring added value to each one of these scenarios.

Sell your business using our Norman business brokerage services

As a business owner that has spent potentially decades developing a company, it can be difficult to sell. Brent Bressler and his team at Bressler Ventures LLC knows that, which is why they provide business brokerage services in Norman OK that streamlines this process and helps you meet your goals.

Whether you’re looking to pass the business on to an employee or are simply looking for top dollar from an outside buyer, Brent will work with you to make it happen. He’ll assist with each important phase, including:

  • Putting a fair valuation on your business
  • Listing and marketing your business confidentiality
  • Sourcing qualified buyers
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Finalizing the deal

The entire way, Brent and his team keep your values at the forefront of everything they do. Many business owners want to know that whoever buys their business will maintain their legacy and treat their long-time employees fairly. We want you to feel comfortable with the transaction.

Looking to buy? Use our business brokerage services in Norman OK

This same personalized approach to selling your business applies to the buying process, too. If you’re looking to buy a business, connect with Brent and his team. They’ll help you find a business that makes sense for you and will deliver value. Brent will even work with you after your purchase to help you discover ways to enhance the value of your new company.

Thank you for considering Bressler Ventures LLC and our Norman business brokerage services. Our team is ready to work with you and help you capitalize on profitable business opportunities.