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Edmond Business Brokerage Services In Edmond OK

Don’t hastily go through the process of buying or selling a business — instead, utilize the Edmond business brokerage services of a proven name in the industry to ensure that you maximize the value of your transaction.

Here at Bressler Ventures LLC, we’re devoted to providing our clients with close, personal service as they prepare to buy or sell a business. In fact, we even work with business owners that are not looking to buy or sell and simply want to find new ways to enhance the value of their companies.

Our founder Brent Bressler brings years of experience providing proven, effective business brokerage services in Edmond OK. With certifications as a Primary Business Consultant (PBC) and a Certified Estate Planning Professional (CEPP), he is ready to leverage his experience to help you buy or sell.

Edmond business brokerage services that make buying a business easy

If you are considering buying a business, do you even know where to start? It’s important to work with experienced professionals that offer Edmond business brokerage services. With Brent in your corner, you can streamline the process and ensure that every step is taken care of.

With our business brokerage services in Edmond OK, you’re able to take on such crucial phases as:

  • Sourcing businesses that are for sale. Brent maintains an extensive database of businesses that are available right this very minute. He’ll be able to provide you with candidates that match your needs.
  • Negotiations and obstacles of the acquisition. Brent will make sure that you are able to buy a business at a price that makes sense for you. He will execute the transaction efficiently so that you don’t run into any unwanted surprises along the way.
  • Securing financing. This is an important component of our business brokerage services in Edmond OK. Brent will talk to you about your financing options so that you’re able to fund the deal. He’s not afraid to think outside of the box.

Our Edmond business brokerage services are also perfect for those looking to exit their businesses. We’ll work closely with you to make changes that will enhance the value of your company before we list it. All your information remains confidential.