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Certified Business Broker In Wichita KS

Welcome to the online home for Bressler Ventures LLC, a trusted and certified business broker in Wichita KS. Led by industry veteran Brent Bressler, our team is dedicated to working closely with you to capitalize on profitable business opportunities.

And, in order to do that, we know that close, one-on-one attention is a must. Brent prides himself on the quality of his deals, not the quantity. That means providing each of his clients with the close, personal attention that they need as they look to buy or sell a business.

These processes involve many important decisions and he will provide you with the necessary insight to make informed decisions that will positively impact your professional journey.

Looking to buy a business? Make Brent Bressler your trusted certified business broker in Wichita KS

Brent maintains a vast database of businesses that are currently on the market for sale. But not any business is going to be the right fit for you. Brent and the team at Bressler Ventures LLC will work with you through what he calls the Targeted Business Search, this system will produce positive results.

Through this exercise, you’ll be able to identify important factors that should be accounted for in your quest to buy a business. As your certified business broker in Wichita KS, Brent will work with you to explore what type of business you’re after and then guide due diligence with prospects to ensure that they are a good buy. You can move forward confidently with business ownership when you have Brent Bressler in your corner.

Bressler Ventures LLC can help you sell your business

It’s always a bittersweet day when a small business owner decides to sell. This process is about more than just handing off the business to whoever will pay the most. Brent will work closely with you to determine what you’re looking for in a buyer and then walk you through avenues in which you can enhance the value of your business before listing it.

Bressler Ventures LLC also protects your confidentiality throughout this process so that it does not negatively impact your company. Brent is a proven, skilled and certified business broker in Wichita KS and he’s ready to help you meet your professional goals. Connect with him right now.