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Certified Business Broker In Newton KS

Whether you are about to embark on the process of buying a business or selling your own, it’s important to have the right certified business broker in Newton KS by your side to ensure that you take the correct steps throughout the process.

Just like you are an expert at the industry you’re in, a certified business broker in Newton KS is an expert at buying and selling a company. That means this professional will be able to provide insight to guide your decision making process and ensure that you are able to capitalize on profitable business opportunities.

Welcome to Bressler Ventures LLC!

Led by Brent Bressler, who has certifications as a Primary Business Consultant (PBC) and a Certified Estate Planning Professional (CEPP), Bressler Ventures works with entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking to buy or sell a company.

On top of his expertise in M&A, Brent also is skilled at working with business owners to find ways to enhance their businesses. This means that no matter where your company might be in its life cycle, Brent is a certified business broker in Newton KS that can help you maximize the value of what you’re doing.

Streamlining the business buying process

People opt to buy businesses for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are a passionate entrepreneur that wants to own and operate an established business. Maybe you already own a business but are looking for a strategic acquisition.

Brent Bressler utilizes the Business Search Program to streamline the process. This will get you thinking about all the important factors that go into buying a business, like what industry you want to be in, how much you want to make and where you want to be located.

From there, Brent will help you source businesses that are up for sale and conduct due diligence to determine if it’s a purchase with the potential to drive significant value.

Bressler Ventures LLC can help you sell your business

This same expertise applies to the sales side. Brent will work with you to take measures that will enhance the value of your business before listing it and courting potential buyers. All the while your information remains confidential.